Today, TOTUM is a company specialized in import/export activities with a focus on exports in Asia of products exclusively made in Italy.

TOTUM offers jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, home interiors and leather goods.

Designed in Italy, Made in Italy

Inspired by Tuscany's unique natural colorsand its Renaissance architecture, TOTUM's distinctive collection is characterized by Florence's artistic sensibility and culture.

Thanks to Tuscany’s high-quality leather, and production expertise and know-how, TOTUM strives to provide consumers with reasonably priced MADE IN ITALY product.

TOTUM Home Interiors

TOTUM Senatore sells home interior products such as mattresses, cushions, duvets, sofas and tables. It is renownedfor its mattresses. They are recognized and recommended by the Italian Ministry of Health.

Tailored for those suffering from back pain and bedsores, the Italian craft mattress is equipped with top quality Oeko-Tex coating that does not result in any damage, even in case of mouth contact by young children.

Health and safety have been prioritized with Radon gas tests on the mattresses together with Radon gas testsperformed in the production environments.

TOTUM Jewelry

TOTUM Jewelry includes products of authentic Italian craftsmanship.

Specifically, they are jewels created by Italian artisans from Central and Northern Italy.